The Spaces Between PT 4

LIV Boop! Finally, time to go and I know because Jayce is textin’ me; it has to be six p.m. “Hey bae, you ready for tonight?” I can’t wait to feel him inside of me. I need to release this frustration from dealin’ wit’ Raj and his bullshit. Jayce and I were in love, happy,…

The Spaces Between Pt. 3

LIV Arrrrgh, it’s just one of those mornings. Everything is moving at a rapid pace, and I’m late as hell! I’m wrestling with my four-year-old girl’s hair, Aspen, she got her name from where she was conceived. I couldn’t tell you if she belonged to Raj or Jayce, but she’s my spittin’ image. Almost like…

The Spaces Between Pt. 2

What’s funny is I know Raj still fucks with the broad from time to time, he could never let her go. That’s the reason I started fuckin’ with Jayce about six years ago. Matter of fact, I wish I was with him now instead of Raj gropin’ on me in the shower, but that’s neither…

The Spaces Between

My starin’ off into space is broken by a knock on my car window. I’m already dreadin’ goin’ inside, but Raj wants to know what I’m just sittin’ here and his dinner ain’t ready after workin’ such a long day. I take a deep breath and turn the car over to let down the window….

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Soooo, I’m in Walgreens right, and I’m looking for some condoms. 😆 It’s been a while since I’ve had to use them, but I’m out here living my best life now, 🤸🏽‍♀️so I wanna be protected. 💪🏽 I hate Magnums, because it’s like Motorsport in the room, 🏎💨💨especially if a mf turns into Beast from…


Short Film coming Summer 2019! filmed by Renee of Chasing My Dreamz Media.