Ignorance was bliss, and now I just want to unplug. Unplug from hatred, bigotry, racism, Islam and Christianity! I want to unplug from social media and the pain it gives. I want to unplug from media propaganda, and it’s ills that live. I want to unplug from adulthood and see things through a child’s eyes,…

The Spaces Between (Exclusive)

1 It’s Real Life Liv My starin’ off into space is broken by a knock on my car window. I’m already dreadin’ goin’ inside, but Raj wanted to know why I’m just sittin’ in the car, and his dinner isn’t ready after workin’ such a “long day.” I took a deep breath and hit the…

The Purple Print!

A masquerade and ball event coming to a city near you soon! Check them out HERE!

Reconstruction Period!

I’ll be returning with new content soon! Graphics still available HERE ‘Beat Face’ available on Amazon Mixtapes available on Audiomack Thank you all for your support in all of my endeavors! 💛🌻

Beat Face-Surviving My Abuser & Myself

“It was the severe blow to the head that made me wake up The swift jab to the ribs that made me know it was real The kick to the back that made me get up The blow to the ear that made me hear The blow to the eye that made me see” -Beat…


Short Film coming Summer 2019! filmed by Renee of Chasing My Dreamz Media.