Ignorance was bliss, and now I just want to unplug.

Unplug from hatred, bigotry, racism, Islam and Christianity!

I want to unplug from social media and the pain it gives.

I want to unplug from media propaganda, and it’s ills that live.

I want to unplug from adulthood and see things through a child’s eyes, but not the children that have been murdered in the streets and lost their lives.

I want to unplug from the patriarchy and the autarchical government that looms over my head.

I want to unplug from this nightmare, but I don’t want to be dead.

I’m already deadening on the inside just from watching the news.

Another brother got shot, and they want to tell me it’s not because of his hue.

I want to unplug from the day to day pressure that weighs on my shoulders.

I want to unplug from the systems that refuse to allow me to be a shareholder.

A shareholder in the stock of equality to remove the two strikes against me.

I am a woman, and I am black, so this is my everyday reality.

I want to unplug from social injustice and know what freedom really means,

But just by saying that, someone will say that I have always been free.

And they’re right; I have aways been free,

free to be ridiculed, mocked, discouraged, maligned, and demeaned,

all by the same people that say they don’t see the color in me.