The Spaces Between Pt. 8

Enemy In Disguise


Pickin’ up and seein’ my kids like this every day is one of the best parts of my current situation. They don’t measure or value me only for productivity, paper, or pipe. I’ve been fuckin’ the game so long, it’s startin’ to fuck me back. “Huuuuuuh,” let me call this fat fuck before my babies get in the car. Out of all the shit I got into in my life, I avoided the trap and got myself into an even bigger trap fuckin’ wit politicians. “Hmmmmph,” it is what it is.

Blrlrlrlrlrl. Blrlrlrlrlrlr. “Heeeeello” Paul’s raspy nasty soundin’ voice rippin’ through the speaker. Decades of smoking Pall Mall’s and drinkin’ Jim Beam made his voice sound like it was travelin’ via vocal chords of grit and sand, and I always wondered which breath would be his last. Any one of em would be suitable for me at this point.

Raj: “what’s up old man?”

Paul: “ah just the make I wanted to hear from ooaugh!” hackin’ coughin” in the phone.

Raj: “you might wanna get the checked out man! But anyway delivery’s at 3 pm today.”

Paul: “why so late? No worries, as long as it’s there. Phhuutoooh!” spit sputerrin’ from of his mouth. “And, I think you’re right, time to see a physician. I’ll hear from you next month I would presume?” 

His phlegm-filled lungs sounded tired as fuck

Raj: “Absolutely!”

Paul was a man who had broken down to nearly two decades older than his public persona. Whatever the fuck he had, was eatin’ his pale ass alive. We’d been doin’ business since I worked for anotha man, Jax, who put me up on game in commercial developin’. Everything depended on landin’ bids, so I bought a few crooked muhfuckin’ city council members, and moved up to the mayor. Mayor Paul Randolph. “Hmmmph!” I say laughin’ to myself. “A win is a win!”

Now, let me get this dizzy bitch on the line to make sure she’s straight on her end. I’m shakin’ my head at the thought of what the fuck she got goin’ on. She kinda blidsided me this mornin’ wit that shit about Liv.

Blrlrlrlrlrl. Blrlrlrlrlrlr. “Hello,” Tessa had the sound of resentment in her voice “mmmph, what’s up Raj?” Tessa blabs.

Raj: “I’m just tryna make sure everything set shawty. I don’t really have time for the attitude today tho. I thought I told you to drop that shit before I left the house ma.”

Tessa: “everything is good Raj, I’m bout to meet Tre in a minute! Mmmmmtch,” suckin’ her teeth. 

Raj: “I meant what I said about the attitude. I’ll call you when I’m on the way to ya crib.”

Tessa: “yeah yeah Raj” sighin’, “I know I won’t see you until…”

I just hung up the phone on that bitch. I do not wanna hear this shit right now. Let me go get my babies and see my wife.


I bout sicka this nigga Raj, he’s what I’ve wanted for so long. If he knew what I was really about to do, I would be dead! I haven’t really ever worked a day in my life since I met Raj, even tho he wasn’t really kickin’ the paper to me like talkin’ bout. He’d bought me that house, just so he could have access to me the way he likes, and to make sure I didn’t fuck with anyone else. He bought me a Mercedes-GLA for Christmas, actually, he got me a new car every year and gave me a $2500 a week allowance. Tuh, I needed more than that tho, and that’s where Tre came into play. Raj started sendin’ that nga to me all the time, one night I was pissed about it and we fucked, and it’s been on ever since. Shit I do more with him, dates, trips, and gettin’ money than I do with Raj.

Pullin’ up to Tre’s industrial loft made my head hurt. The damned place didn’t have an elevator and climbin’ those stairs in my Aquazzura Sprits pissed me off to the max, but I can’t wait to see him. If we really had it our way, we would be together. The only reason I know Baby Raj is Raj’s son and not Tre’s is because Raj made me have a DNA test. He said he refused to take care of a kid he didn’t know for certain was his, but wait until he finds out Aspen may not be his baby. “Ha!” I holler suckin’ my teeth and tryna sprint lightly up these fuckin’ railway stairs. “Ugh,” once I got up to the top, the entry the house-lights came on, and Future ‘Rider’ softly played from his hidden Bose sound system, the same volume in every room I’m walkin’ in tryna find my bae.

“You wanna drink shawty,” I hear Tre say so sweetly walkin’ up behind.

Tessa: “That would be lovely” I reply takin’ a deep breath. “I just got done talkin’ to your paaaartner, everything is a go!”

Tre: “Well, I guess that means we have time then” lookin’ at me dead in my face with his deep golden honey eyes lickin’ his lips. Damn Tre gorgeous as hell! 6’3, ripped body, but still slim, caramel peanut butter complected, with locs down his back, but you could never see ’em unless he was home, because he kept them wrapped tightly to hide his identity.

I licked my finger and started rubbin’ it down his chest.

Tessa: “You know I’m always ready for you.”

Tre: “then move in with me.”

I stopped him mid sentence kissing’ him softly on the lips.T re began to move closer and slowly undress me, kissin’ on my shoulders. He slipped my Moschino oversized tee over my head and started caressin’ my breasts under my bra.  Runnin’ his fingers down my curves, caused a tingle in my neck that jolted down to my vagina, and made it drip. I could feel my clit pulsatin’ from his breath on the back of my neck and his gentle hand in the front slightly chokin’ me. His teeth found the arch in my back, he bit my round ass, and Tre’s tongue began slurpin’ up my asshole, while I’m moanin’ in need. Cuppin’ my cheeks, he began to spread them apart until it felt like my ass was about to crack, swipin’ his lips and tongue from the front to the back, easin’ any pain that I even think I mighta felt. 

Tre stood up moanin’, “Mmmmm, bend over for me baby!” His hand felt the warmth of my vagina, it was deep, warm, and gushin’ to the touch. His fingers were all but sucked inside. Puttin’ a serious arch in my back and he began to drill in me thrustin’ deeper and deeper. I rocked with him while he was bangin’!

Tre was pullin’ a gaspin’ moan down his throat watchin’ me slide down to put my mouth above his strong erection. Brushin’ my tongue several times across the tip I slurped it up hard into my mouth as Tre began to convulse and moan louder. The feel of my hot soft lips caressin’ his sensitive flesh as they slid over the tip, drove him wild. My tongue was long and soft and seemed to wrap itself around his whole thick ten-piece. I was droppin’ spit, and usin’ a strong grip with my warm hand to twist, then, I felt his babies slide down my down, and I swallowed. 

Tessa: ” Let me um, go get myself together. I know you have things to do and I gotta get RJ.” Tre pulls me back down to the bed. 

Tre: “I wish you could just stay here with me,” kissin’ me on the lips. 

Tessa: ” I do too, but you know what kind of trouble that would cause,” I say while gatherin’ my belongings, Tre spun around so fast, I felt the wind from it blow my hair.

Tre: “I DON’T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT THAT NIGGA! WE JUST GET MONEY TOGETHER!” hollerin’ and snatchin’ away from me. “He betrayed me a long time ago!” sighin’ under his breath.

That’s my cue to go. When he gets like this, I know he’ll start to plottin’! Ever since Raj fucked his girl Tori, shit ain’t been the same between the two of them, but if Raj knew about us, it would be a war. 

Tre: “There’s a Nordstrom bag for you in the closet and leave that briefcase on the kitchen counter,” he says headin’ toward the shower, and I just watched him walk away with his head down. God how I love him, but I know it’s somethin’ that can never be.

“Tre, I’m gone” I holler tryna make a swift exit clunkin’ down the steps. A chill wind began to breeze through makin’ me run faster towards my truck. Let me tell this nigga I did my part.

Tessa to Raj: I dropped off the kids, shootin’ him a text.

Peeep…“good” Raj texts back.

Let me get home so I can shower and cook before Raj gets home.