Nothing like bein’ around a bunch of vapid smug artists who believe they’re the Universe’s gift to the arts. I despise gallery showings, but I need to sell today. I’m literally up shit creek without a paddle, and I gotta make shit shake quick.

I’m lookin’ around and the timid ones are in the four corners of this white washed ass room. I’m just a sculptor in a room fulla pros from painters to carvers to sculptors. This is one of those vanity galleries, that charges artists fees in order to exhibit their work and makes most of its money from artists rather than from sales to the public, but my agent brought me here, and I paid a pretty penny. The last penny I had actually. I’m deadass broke, so sumn better shake from this shit, or imma kill Gabby ass.

Gabby is my best friend and my agent. We met well over twenty years ago in the same hood we lived in, and she’s had my back, but I know she be on some shady shit at times. I’ve had to check her a few times about the people that she be around, and the shit she gets herself into wit’ them hoes. The bitch got money, but she also has a bunch of kids, and a fucked up attitude. We’ve worked hard to make it this far in this game, but she makes me money, and on the coo’, that’s all I care about.

I enjoy carvin’ and moldin’ figures from clay, metal, marble, or whatever I can find at times. I carve, chisel, and model to make a finished sculptural works of what I call art, and I charge a mean fee in order to exhibit my work, which is why I’m shitty I’m here payin’ for this shit. The vivid paintings on the walls and horizontal compositions throughout are startin’ to make me dizzy.

The event is stimulatin’, but borin’ at the same time. On the coo, I really just need a drink to ease my mind, but I’m laughin’ to myself, because the snooty artists are gathered together discussin’ everyone in the room, drinkin’ shots, knowin’ they’re gonna sell today no matter what. The critics are doin’ what they do, critiquin’, and takin’ checks on the low. I wanna sell my project and keep it movin’.

I see Gabby comin’ towards me smilin’ and wavin’ to people in the room, and I just roll my eyes in the back of my head so far I feel like I could see my brain.

Gabby: Biiiiiiitch there are a lot of influential people in the buildin’ don’t you think that you should be mixin’ and minglin’? We are here to seeeeeeeeeell!

Aubrey: yeah, I know, I’m really not feelin’ it tho. I just have a lot of things on my mind, and I hate to pay to show my own shit dawg. You know that,” I grown!

Gabby: yeah, and the thoughts should be payin’ for that warehouse you bought,” she emphasized harshly.

Aubrey: “It’s not a warehouse, it’s a loft,” I giggle “and that’s definitely what’s on my mind, and I’m tired. Do you know long it took me to get to this point with the ‘Et Affinitate Coniunctus?’ This muthafucka had my hands bleeding,” I retorted with a look of disdain.

Gabby: “Why can’t you just say ‘Affinity?” laughin hard as hell at me and the name of my project.

Gabby was always talkin’ shit about me using latin names for my sculptures, but that was just a part of me. I was raised by my Haitian grandmother, and Latin was a part of my daily lessons comin’ up including French. I had to learn about my mother’s side of me, Morroccans didnt believe in havin’ children out of wedlock, so she deserted me and went back home to her family.

Aubrey: “You know exactly why” rollin’ my eyes.

Gabby: “I know, I know! You’re witchy ass granny. She used to scare me when we were little,” she grunted laughingly.

Aubrey: “Watch it now bitch, not too much on granny. You fuck around and catch a hex,” I laugh scannin’ the room, sippin’, my drink tryna gather myself to make a move.

V.A. isn’t the most exciting place to live anyway, especially Alexandria and these egotistical muthafuckas in this room have me with a forced smile, and an extreme headache. “Well at least you have five offers on the table, $10K on the low side and $75K on the high side. Now get movin” Gabby explains while pushin’ me out into the crowd.

I start smilin’, offerin’ handshakes, and havin’ small talk. I’m tryna bust $100K today, because Gabby will definitely have her hand out for her twenty percent, I need more supplies, and my mortgage is due. I put my big girl panties on and continued to strut along.

The tinkle of glass on glass as I share a toast with Winston Moreland, one of the richest black men in Alexandria. He made a silent bid and bought ‘Affinity’ for $220,000, to place in his bedroom. It must be big as hell for a statue twenty feet in length and ten feet in width, but that ain’t my bidness.

I see him lookin’ down and I can feel my dress hangin’ from my shoulders, so I know that my C cup breasts are directly in his line of sight. My dress was huggin’ my slim curvy form, as I stared him in his eyes swirlin’ my liquor.

When I raised my heavily smoky made up eyes to the crowd, a man across from us on a stool was starin’ into the depths of my soul. I smile shyly, hug Winston, and fix the stranger in a look that would make any mans meat rise. He met my gaze with the smile of one who knows the upper hand is his, and lit up a cigarette. I folded one leg over the other, danglin’ my Christian Dior J’Dior high heel, showin’ hella leg from the slit in my dress, yet my face stayed aloof, disinterested. If he wanted a stand off in sexual power, that’s exactly what he was gonna get.

One of the hosts walked over to him and quietly asked him to put out is cigarette and that he could go out on the patio. I raise up out of my seat, grabbed my purse, and started towards outdoors. I see Gabby comin’ towards me with a huge grin, I give her the eye that I’m headin’ outside to smoke. She instantly turned around and went in the other direction. Gabby would smoke a pound of exotic, but she never wanted anything to do with a cig. She hated the smell in her expensive ass clothes.

Once I reached the balcony, I felt a hand touch my back and it was a level of magnetism I’d never felt in my life. I could smell his Marc Jacobs cologne, and I closed my eyes, inhaled, and imagined that smell on my sheets. My focus was scattered, so filled with nervous anticipation, so excited, even giddy. I could no longer stand still while my thoughts danced in infinite directions, so I turned around.

He was one of the most remarkable human beings I’d ever seen in my life. Caramel skin, six feet tall, a twelve pack that I could see through his fitted dress shirt, dreaded up, and a delight to look at. “Hello, I’m Jeremiah, but everyone calls me J, and I suppose you’re the infamous Audrey Cadeau,” his deep voice resonating through my ears.

Audrey: “Infamous?” I laugh and extend my hand. “Yes, I’m Audrey, it’s a pleasure to meet you.

J: “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you as well. I work with Winston, I told him that he should buy your piece!”

Audrey: “Well, thank you,” I disclaim. “I appreciate that,” laughin’.

J: “you’re welcome,” he smugly smiles. “Well, I just wanted to introduce myself to such a stunning and talented young lady,” he expressed.

Audrey: “Where are you going?” I ask before I could stop myself.

J cocked his head to the side, his eyes shifting from the ground to me. My heart stopped and I could barely breathe.  All I could utter was a “just wondering,” before my breath completely stopped comin’ from my lungs. “I’m guessin’ you’d like to get out of here since you’ve won big tonight huh?” His voice was deep but mellow, sending a warm glow throughout my body. “How do you know?” I stammer. “I saw your face,” motioning me towards the elevator with his hand in the small of my back, and we escaped together, my hand in his.


Crossing the threshold J took a deep breath, the scent was intensely incensed. It smelled something like Black Aoud, Aramis 900 or something from Penhaligon’s. It was like flowers with tobacco, a lil’ sativa, and an aromatic substance along the line of Patchouli, and I could see that it turned him on.

J: “I’m feelin’ the vibe! The energy is nice in here, you a smoker huh?” his pearly white teeth glistenin’ under the skylight.

Aubrey: “yeah, I got some strawberry cookiez from my homie. It’s 50/50 if you wanna roll one,” slowly movin’ towards the kitchen drawer to grab some Raw papers witta mean sawgger.

J: “that’s a bet bae,” witta smirk on his face. “I see you know about strains,” laughin’ hard as hell at me.

There was a coolness tot he room that worked well with Jeremiah’s warm body. He took his coat off and braced himself to lean down on the low lying stuffed cushions of my Moroccan couch. J mentioned my tables sayin’ they had beautiful decorative carvings. I told him about the time I had stayed in Rabat, and bought these things at its main port in Casablanca, because the souk style overtook me.

Aubrey: you want sumn to drink? I only have water, Sweet Red, and Meukow

J: “Meukow is actually my fav sweetheart. It’s been awhile, I guess I’ll indulge,” witta smirk on his face.

Aubrey: “I’m really a vodka, you know, Kettle One type girl. This was left over from when…”

J cut me off, “when you had some dude over here?” askin’ sarcastically.

Aubrey: laughingly “nah son, I don’t really do dudes at the crib. This is my sanctuary,” rollin’ my eyes.

J began movin’ closer to me, “well, why am I here then?” suckin’ his teeth.

Aubrey: “because I want you here,” pourin’ the dark liquor in cognac glasses.

The knock came quietly first and then there was silence. The knock was louder and faster this time, I looked up rollin’ my eyes. I knew who it was and why they were there. I was sick of Octavius and his bullshit. He was probably stalkin’ the parkin’ lot and say Jeremiah’s car next to mine. Only a few of us lived in this buildin’, so it was easy to spot a new car.

I just stared at the door, unmoving. “Let me in Aubrey. I know you’re in there.” Octavius’ voice came from the other side, but I didn’t reply. The muthafucka on the other side was furious now and hit the wall with all his strength, and then began to kick it.

Jeremiah reached for his gun, “who the fuck is that? See, I know better than to come to a broad’s house,” with a disappointed tone in his voice.

Aubrey: “A broad? The fuck? That’s my ex who refuses to get the picture. We haven’t been together in a year, and he has a whole new girlfriend, so I don’t know why he’s here!”

The next thing I know, J grabbed me by the waist, pullin’ me up close against his chest. His hand gently glided through my hair, as he looked at me in a way I felt he’d never looked at a girl before. “Once we go there, once we are that intimate, you’ll be in love with me,” Jeremiah whispered in my ear. His eyes were candles in that night, their light a spark of fieriness and attraction. As a small but teasin’ smile crept up on my face, goosebumps lined my skin, not the kind than one gets in the cold, but the kind one gets when nothing else matters except right here, right now. I wasn’t confident enough in myself for what he brought to the table. It wasn’t a big dick, but it was a big ego! His persona was so strong that it literally took me out. I was engulfed in his charm and honey brown eyes to the point that I just wanted to be around him.

I wanted to smell the citrus in his hair, play in his beard, and eat his dick as if he was the master of my world. I wanted to feel the heat from his body, and his arms around me so badly in that moment. He took me to the heights of ecstasy eatin’ the box like a savage and rockin’ my body until tears rained down my face. He used his tongue to lick me from the front to back, as I was bent over, makin’ me wet his face and his beard. I cried out passionately and moaned to his delight forcin’ him to go harder. Octavious was still beatin’ on the door while J was beatin’ up the puss. I know he could hear me, hear us.

The deep penetration was makin’ me climax so hard that I couldn’t breathe, while he continued to pound down, grippin’ my waist, and pushin’ me further into the bed. Stroke after stroke he melted further into my body, and we were becomin’ one. Intertwinin’ his fingers with mine, pumpin’ faster and faster, until we busted simultaneously. J layed on my back breathin’ hard as hell nearly puttin’ me to sleep.

We’d both agreed that we didn’t want a relationship, but the more I smelled his cologne on my sheets, the more I wanted him to be mine, but the savage in me refused to oblige my desire.


This is copyrighted material by Sunflower The DJ ©2019