The Spaces Between Pt. 6


This really can’t be happenin’ right now! What the fuck is wrong with Jayce? “SECURITY! SOMEONE HELP ME GET THIS CRAZY MAN AWAY FROM ME!” I start hollerin’ at the top of my lungs. Raj’s father Ramon runs to my side “are you ok Liv? What’s goin’ on here?” Tears begin to roll down my face, “I have no idea, Mr. B!” I exclaim!

A tall, husky white APD officer rushes over to us “ma’am is there a problem?” he asks forcefully.

“I have no idea what’s goin’ on! This man grabbed me while I was sittin’ here at the bar!” pointin’ at Jayce.

Jayce begins laughin’ hysterically “so this what we doin’ Livvy?”

“I’m sorry, but I have no idea who you are speaking to me in such a familiar manner! Officer, please get this man away from me” I retort.

I can’t believe I’m about to have Jayce arrested, but I have no other choice. Why would he do somethin’ so stupid in front of all of these people? I knew this was gonna be a fucked up evenin’ when I questioned him about a place so public. Twelve tries to handcuff him, and he goes off:

“You’re gonna pay for this one way or the other Liv! I promise you that. You’re gonna need me and come crawlin’ back WHEN THAT BULLSHIT NIGGA FINDS OUT EVERYTHING!” Jayce screamed lividly! “I GOT YOU! I PROMISE YOU THAT!”

I take a deep breath and tears start to roll down my eyes! “I’m not sure what’s going on here Liv, but I think we need to call Raj, and you definitely need to press charges” Mr. Beauchamp commanded while Mrs. B. walks up to investigate the scene.

“What’s goin’ on here” Raj’s mother Addie requests. “I was in the ladies room and overheard some women saying Liv was in trouble” she adds.

“Some crazy man just grabbed her out of her chair and tried to propose to her,” Ramon voices.

“Luckily, a police officer walked up and helped to restrain the weirdo” he laments.

“Well, when you’re as beautiful as Livvy, I can see how that could happen,” Addie chuckles. “Let’s sit down to eat.”

“No, no” I exclaim! “I think I need to call Raj and go lay..,” before I could finish my statement, Blrlrlrlrlrl. Blrlrlrlrlrlr., Raj is on my line and I make a B-Line towards my ride to get the fuck outta there. I can’t answer right now; I just have to get on bout my bidness. Lawd! How did this go this far?

“Young man, young man” I call tryna get the attention of the valet while he waves back smilin’ with my ticket in his hand. I’m quite sure he’s been told to get to me expeditiously after what just occurred. I’m absolutely mortified.

“Well, I uh believe they have your car on the way after all that,” Vanessa laughs! “You have twenty-four hours before this whole story goes public, well less than that with social media! I’m sure someone has posted a video or pic from their phone right now” adjusting her collar. “You can give us the exclusive and get ahead of the bullshit, or we’ll say EXACTLY WHAT I SAW” Vanessa vouches walking towards her S-Class tickled.

‘Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck! I just cannot catch a break right now,” I snap slammin’ my fists on the steerin’ wheel. “Let me get the fuck outta here,” I whisper, puttin’ the Range in gear, mashin’ my foot on the gas.

“There is a void that stands between us

And it seems it’s getting harder to relate

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine

Life this way

I want to know what good love feels like

Good love, good love” Anita bellows through my BOSE speakers.

Anita always made me think of Jayce. I felt like he rescued me. He was my ‘Angel,’ gave me ‘Good Love,’ and was my ‘Sweet Love.’ I’d just played crazy as hell in that restaurant and let him really go to jail. Fuuuuck I have to find a way out of this. I know how to make him forgive me. I hope I can make him forgive me. Just remind him of Aspen, and all will be well. He believes she’s his anyway. I’m steady suckin’ my teeth and laughin’ to myself. Really it’s fuck him. Everything is out there now.

I can’t keep goin’ back and forth with myself like this; Imma drive myself insane. Hell, I don’t have anyone else to bla…

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah” I barely had time to scream before the airbags knocked me back and sideways. I sat there silently, inside of my own head screamin’, glued to the wheel of my wrecked car. Screamin’ at my wheel, at myself, and at the muthafucka that had just crashed into my car. Everything was happenin’ in slow motion. I’m surprised, confused, and don’t really know what is goin’ on. I just know shit is gettin’ worse by the minute.

I start to see smoke risin’, and I release my seatbelt, open the door pushin’ as hard as I can with it bein’ jammed, easin’ out of my shit. I’d become disorientated before I realized I’d sustained a concussion, that had me driftin’ in and out of consciousness, while still on my feet. My stupid ass zoned too far out.

Blrlrlrlrlrl. Blrlrlrlrlrlr. I look down at my phone one last time before my body collapsed on the pavement. I can hear the sirens muffled in the background, everything is spinnin’, and there are people standin’ over me screamin’ tryna help, I think. I start to feel somethin’ movin’ over my forehead, the thick fluid, no warmer or cooler than my own skin. The pain that once burned like a fire started to fade away to an icy numbness. I could still hear the muffled conversations of people around me, I listened to the cameras flashin’, and a paramedic was askin’ everyone to step back. By now I know the whole ordeal is live on every tv, phone, tablet, and laptop.

My body was bein’ shifted onto a gurney and jerked up into the air. The wheels rotated heavily on the ambulance floor, as I was scurted away with the sirens wailin’ until they faded into nothingness.

I knew I was in the hospital from the stuffy air with that undertone of bleach.

“Sir, your wife, has sustained some severe injuries” Dr. Boyd scolds Raj

“Well, she has to be moved from here” Raj yells! “How can she get any better in this shit? Just get her up outta here!”

“This is the ICU,” Dr. Boyd attempts to say calmly. “She’ll be here for at least a couple of days,” the doctor argues while walkin’ away.

I knew I’d been moved to a private room because the air had an aromatic scent. Openin’ my eyes and gazin’ around slowly, I could see the seats were plush. Every surface was dustless, and there were vases of sunflowers, my fav flower, everywhere. The noise of television began to make my head hurt, so I closed my eyes.

I heard a voice I despised, it was Tessa, and she was talkin’ to Raj.

“Bitch you know this is my wife. I’m not doin’ a muthafuckin’ thing until I know she’s good,’ I hear through his clenched teeth.

“Well, she looks like she’s about to die anyway,” Tessa hisses.

“Bitch I’ll beat yo ass in this hallway! That’s still the mother of my children. I don’t want her dead. I just want a divorce, and if you say some bullshit like that again, I won’t be with your stupid ass when I do” Raj scolded that hoe and stormed off.

Tack. Tack. Tack… I could hear Tessa walkin’ into my room, so I quickly closed my eyes pretendin’ to be still unconscious. She always wore such cheap shoes. I always wondered why she never made Raj upgrade her, but then again, she wasn’t me. Hmmph, smilin’ in my head.

“Listen, bitch; I know you know I know” Tessa whispered over me caressin’ my hair. I wanted to reach up and choke that hoe, but I needed to hear this so I could plan my next move.

“Raj is mine now fa sho. You know Jayce is gonna tell everything” she laughs in a low tone. “I got you now, checkmate bitch! I’m gonna be raisin’ your kids, and they can get to know their bro…”

“Yes, Dr. Boyd, I’d like to talk to you when you have a moment,” Raj says while enterin’ the room. Tessa takes a few steps back.

“What the fuck are you doin’ in here” Raj raves.

“I was just waitin’ here until you got back” Tessa exclaims.“Shit I been here wit you,” suckin’ her teeth.

“Baby, I’m sorry for talkin’ to you like that” Raj says while caressin’ Tessa, “but you can’t be here. I will call you when I leave. I have to check on the kids. I’ll stop by after that” kissin’ her on the forehead.

“Ahem” Dr. Boyd clears his throat.

“Oh yes, she was just leavin’,” Raj jests while nudgin’ Tessa towards the exit.

“Yes, Mr. Beauchamp, as I was trying to say earlier, your wife sustained some severe injuries,” Dr. Boyd expresses. “She’s going to need special care, especially in her condition.”

“What special condition?” Raj questions.

“Well, she’s pregnant, and… we haven’t seen any responses or movement in her legs sir,” the doctor laments.

Raj is frozen in place, and I’m tryna move my toes to no avail. I’m strugglin’ and doin’ everything I can, not to make any noise. Raj can’t leave me now; we can’t break up, we have another baby on the way.

Fuuuuuuuck why won’t my fuckin’ legs move?

Tessa is on my ass, and I don’t know how long I can keep up this unconscious charade.

This is wedded war….