The Spaces Between Pt. 3


Arrrrgh, it’s just one of those mornings. Everything is moving at a rapid pace, and I’m late as hell! I’m wrestling with my four-year-old girl’s hair, Aspen, she got her name from where she was conceived. I couldn’t tell you if she belonged to Raj or Jayce, but she’s my spittin’ image. Almost like I made her all by myself without the help of either of them niggas. This child is makin’ sweat roll down my forehead at 6 a.m. She just can’t be still, squirmin’, cryin’, and tryna watch ‘Paw Patrol’ at the same time. Gio’s ass is runnin’ around throwin’ his football, ready for me to put my foot in his ass as soon as he knocks over somethin’ in my living room, Moni is on her phone as usual, and Raj never made it back home last night. Stupid bastard, it’s coo tho, because I’ll see Jayce tonight, and take out all of this frustration, slidin’ my pussy across his face.

Shit! finally in the Range about to get these kids to school.“Mooooooni” I holler makin’ sure she can hear me through her earbuds, “did you call Ms. Graves to make sure y’all can come over after school?” I ask.“Yeeeeees mom,” Moni hissed sarcastically! She’s gonna pick up Gio, then me, then Aspen and take us home,” she answered. “Look! I’m just making’ sure!” 

The tires hittin’ the pavement is the best chamber echo I can hear and zone as I drop these kids off, I cannot wait to get to Jayce and have a free night from my family. I love them dearly, but is this the life I really signed up for? I never had any intentions on havin’ any kids and a husband before Raj. I just wanted to design clothes wit’ my partner Tori and travel the world. Now I just go on family vacations tapped in an SUV for hours, because Raj doesn’t wanna take Aspen on a plane ’til she’s five, sigh! My stoicism increases daily, but I love these little people in my life, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

Boop! The sound of Jayce’s text comin’ through snaps me up out of my daze, I didn’t even realize I had my ringer on, I never do, but I knew this text was comin’ just like me later tonight. “Ok, Moni baby have a good day,” I express lovingly kissin’ her on her forehead, “don’t forget to Facetime me when you all get with Ms. Graves. “Ok ok mom, my friends are out here” Moni exclaims while scowlin’ lookin’ at two teen girls giggle in the background. 
“My bad babe, I know you’re growin’ up, I just don’t want you to” I utter sweetly to my beautiful baby. She had curls down her back, baby hairs that caressed her face, cute almond shaped bright eyes, but I could start to see my figure comin’ out in her body. Moni will kill ’em dead when she grows up and that’s why I stay strapped. I gotta protect what’s mine. 

Blrlrlrlrlrl. Blrlrlrlrlrlr. Now look at this nigga Raj wanna Facetime now. I bet he took Tessa with him to Vegas and that’s why he didn’t come home. I hit the ignore button on that ass and dropped Gio and Aspen off at the daycare. Uhhhhh! you gettin’ out the car or what?” Tori giggles to me in the parking lot of our studio. “Girl I guess” I snicker and sneer towards T. She didn’t know I knew she was fuckin’ Raj too, but I put too much into both of these bitches to let my shit fall just because they wanna fuck. Imma get this money, live in my big ass house, and spend his money while stackin’ mines hmph. 

Irritably lookin’ at Tori “did the yellow silk come in so Manny can rouche the dresses for Vella’s wedding?” I guess she could feel the way I was lookin’ at her while she glanced away “uh yeah bitch” Tori snapped back. “I just asked bitch” I expressed with a kickback. We split paths and to go into our offices. “What you say?” I chided Tori hearin’ her mumblin’ under her breath. “I didn’t’ say shit tho Liv” Tori murmured.

As soon as I sat down in my chair here’s the nigga I wanna talk to, on my line. He was fine from the depth of his brown eyes that sparkled with intensity, honesty, and gentleness, to the smooth deep expressions of his voice. What he is, what made him beautiful came from the depths of his soul, makin’ me want to feel how his soft thick lips touch mine, and his hands followin’ the curves of my body. 

His skin was darker than any evanescent touch of the sun could deliver, and he looked like sin in a suit. Jayce was a partner at his firm and practically any woman’s dream. His pearly straight teeth seemed to gleam harder when he smiled at you, he absolutely took my breath away. 

“Let me see it bae” Jayce demanded! 

“What?” I gushed. 

There go the teeth, Jayce grinned at me and said “that smile!” 

I started to blush “boy I don’t have time to play wit’ you right now. I have to get this inventory together and make sure it gets shipped in the next two hours!” 

Rollin’ his eyes he laughed back “ok ok bae! Imma see you tonight and uh, make sure you don’t wear panties to dinner” and hung up on me. I don’t know what I’m doin’ runnin’ around wit this nigga, eatin’ out, and goin’ on dates, but I really don’t care if I do get caught anyway.

I remember the first night vividly Jayce and I fucked. It’s still buried deep in my thoughts to this day and it’s nearly been five years that we’ve kept this up. He could’ve been got a bitch by now. I’m sure he fucks other broads, but he never lets me know anything about it and is always beggin’ me to leave Raj, screamin’ he’ll help me take care of the kids. Raj would kill my black ass if another man was ever around his children. 

That cold January night my boyfriend and I were makin’ love, it was passionate and exhilaratin’. I don’t know if it was because I was cheatin’ or the way that Jayce dicked me down, but I felt shock waves buildin’ deep inside me as he worked his muscle inside of me, every nerve in my body and brain was electrified. I was gettin’ closer and closer to screamin’ at the top of my lungs when he whispered in my ear, “Talk dirty to me. 

I mumbled, “You feel so good.” 

He countered back, “bitch I said talk dirty!” 

I was taken aback, but I began to moan in his ear tellin’ him that he was strokin’ like a beast and that I lusted for him. That’s when he put down the choke stroke from behind, and I knew I was trapped. I started cumin’ like a ragin’ river all over his manhood, the bed, and all down my legs. That man is an incredibly skilled, tender, and assertive lover. I couldn’t give him up, I wouldn’t give him up, and if Raj ever found out about it, he’d have to deal with it the same way I dealt with his side family and his fuckin’ my friend.

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