I wanted to love you! Everything from your scent to the bow in your walk, your sheer essence moved me. The squint when you laugh. The very curl of your last few eyelashes, and the smell of your hair. The way you take my breath away when you kiss me, to the gasp you make me take when you go inside of me.

But at this time old constructs must fall so better ones can be built.

It pained me to see the eyes I love so much clouded, angered, and saddened like a burned building with the walls still intact.

The loneliness that had escaped me from your being near reignited like an old fireplace. The soot choked me and burned my tear filled eyes swallowing that lump in my throat.

I had to release my mind from its cage of “woe is me,” to let it flourish through required cultivation. I had to stop hiding pain and sorrow to comprehend another’s perspective.

You were the giver, and I was the taker.

Left me begging the question of “how could I hurt the one I love?”

The loss of your energy coursing through my veins…

The surrender of your warmth to my soul…

What have I done?

I lost one…

This is copyrighted material by Sunflower The DJ ©2019

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